Video Camera Inspection for Your Sewer Line


A sewer camera inspection plays an essential role in keeping your property’s drainage line working correctly and effectively. Whether it is housing or business property, this kind of drain inspection camera system in Thousand Oaks can help property owners maintain their sewer lines and detect issues before they become a significant problem.

A sewer camera inspection is an innovative technique to examine a drainage line by inserting a video camera into the drain pipe. Possible issues can be detected with a high-definition video camera. Some problems that can be recognized are cracks, leaks, breaks, and clogs, such as roots.

The Sewer Camera Inspection Process

Sewer camera inspection services in California deploy a technician at the worksite to find a point of access, such as a sewer cleanup. A camera is then inserted into the sewer or drain pipe and runs along the whole length of the line until it reaches the sanitary main. During this entire process, the faults of the sewer line are checked.

This inspection provides an actual, visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other drain pipes, determining the inside state of the pipe. It allows a rare underground view of the piping without digging.

The inspection method is relatively simple. A soft bendable rod with a uniquely designed waterproof video camera at its end is inserted into the drain pipe. As the rod is pushed through the sewer line, the high-definition video camera records and moves it through the pipe. Images are transmitted through a closed-circuit TV screen to the camera operator in real-time and can be saved for later use.

After reviewing the footage, our experts can pinpoint the root of the problem and suggest a solution. Once the problem is fixed, our experts will conduct follow-up inspections to ensure the whole drainage system is functioning correctly.

Why Obtain a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection service in Thousand Oaks is vital to maintain the proper functioning of your sewer line. Before a backup incident occurs, sewer camera inspections can identify problems within your sewer line. Issues that can cause backup events are:

  • Root intrusions
  • Clogged/blocked sewer pipes
  • Broken, cracked, or collapsed sewer pipes

While a small crack or blockage may not look like a big problem, these issues can turn into a significant problem in a short amount of time and cost you a lot of time and effort trying to locate or repair them.

At Conejo Valley Rooter, Thousand Oaks, CA, we provide competent service and years of knowledge and experience solving sewer issues. Our sewer camera inspections use modern technologies and tools to give you a complete view of your sewer line at a reasonable cost.