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drain cleaning solutions

Drain Cleaning

Clean clogged drain and ensure proper water flow by utilizing conventional drain cleaning methods . Also included is a in line camera inspection and locations are included if needed . Each additional is half off . This is not an hourly charge.(this is not for outside drains . This will include sewers .

Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting uses a high-pressure water jet to target clogs without damaging the pipes. It's effective at removing odors, minor scale, mud, rocks, and debris, ensuring a clear and free-flowing system. This method is ideal for maintaining your plumbing, keeping it free of buildup and functioning efficiently.


Descaling involves using a rodding machine and chains to smooth the interior of cast-iron or ABS pipes. This process removes buildup that accumulates from inadequate maintenance, ensuring a smoother and more efficient flow. It's recommended to descale your pipes every 5 to 10 years to eliminate odors, prevent clogs, and maintain optimal system performance.

Drainage warranty entire home (Protection Plan )

We offer a yearly membership that will serve the purpose of any stoppage in your home on any individual drain anytime for free with the purchase of a drainage warranty. It comes with comprehensive cleaning throughout the whole home once a year , Hydro jet of your main sewer once a year ,and any stoppage is that occur are covered. We also add an active enzyme to each drain on the first service. Each following year is 20% off original price . Does not cover drain lines with obvious damage and or breaks . Drain lines needs to have proper access to clean .

Storm Drain Service (hydro jett) yard srains ( outside drains )

This is for one side of your home and a portion of the back your system could be set up differently. This will include the use of a Hydro Jetter to remove any roots, rocks ,debris and anything else th at shouldn’t be there , an inline camera is also included if needed . This is for up to 6drains or 60ft-80ft per run , if more than 60-80 ft will be charged accordingly , flag lot is additional . 350-450 per side

Real estate camera inspection

Will camera sewer drain and create detailed report of entire drain line to street connection

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For over twenty-five years, Conejo Valley Rooter has been providing professional residential and commercial drain cleaning services in Thousand Oaks, California, and the surrounding areas. We are pleased to be a family-owned and operated company. Our highly-skilled drain cleaners always put safety first and take the extra time not to enter your home. We can repair most drain problems without having to come inside your house! 

If you’re looking for drain cleaning in the Conejo Valley look no further, we are a professional reliable drain cleaning company.

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Conejo Valley Rooter is also praised for their COVID-safe practices and their commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s dealing with clogged sinks, water heater issues, or toilet repairs, Conejo Valley Rooter is a trusted choice for many.